About KW Group


KW Group Ltd was created to manage both KW Designed Solutions Ltd and KW Pressure Testing Ltd.

KW Designed Solutions is a global supplier of advanced high pressure testing systems with fully automated pressure and temperature control systems with accurate data logging and reporting capabilities. Established in 2004, supporting industry and research facilities across many markets, including energy, subsea engineering, materials research, defence, universities, nuclear and scientific sectors.

KW Pressure Testing is our state-of-the-art, specially constructed, in-house environmental and pressure testing facility. Servicing the oil & gas, subsea, oceanographic, materials science, energy markets including new and emerging technologies with a safe, reliable, cost-effective facility to carry out critical component testing, along with assisting new product development.

Our head office and facilities are based in Chorley, Lancashire in the North West of England and houses all our companies and their respective electro-mechanical engineers, design engineers, technicians, procurement, accounts, marketing and administration staff.

We take pride in having established strong relationships with manufacturers with global reputations in manufacturing world-class technology and components used in extremely challenging environmental conditions.

We’re trusted, driven and customer focussed, proudly producing a diverse range of high pressure testing systems and high pressure testing services with the highest level of accuracy.